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@drayzze 1h1 hour ago Columbus, OH :@Christiedonova9 Should get me unfollowers that are dismissive and don't read at least. I'm good with that.
@njhIirry 2h2 hours ago :unfollowers make me want to commit a crime
@onewomanarmi 6h6 hours ago :most of all, I'd like to thank my unfollowers for keeping me motivated #bye
@RHAPfan21 6h6 hours ago :@MyNextLifeDebi yes! I check on all my unfollowers lmao. Don't wanna be following any idjits who chose to unfollow me.
@ESSAMAYUOB 7h7 hours ago :8 tweeps unfollowed me. Know who your latest unfollowers are? Find them at 
@angrymemorys 9h9 hours ago :My ocd remembers unfollowers. When you've unfollowed, follow me back, then unfollow again I get an itchy block finger.
@ffelixfelicis 16h16 hours ago :Unfollowing me won't bring dumbledore to life again @ the three unfollowers
@minghac Aug 26 :I'm unfollowing all my unfollowers but if I happen to unfollow you and you follow me then fav this so I can follow back :-))
@SomaMukherjii Aug 26 :@divpn Divya, did you follow me some days back which I didn't notice? I realized when I saw you in the unfollowers list. I am really sorry.
@GrXndeLXtte Aug 25 :RT for 20 free follows Must be following me because goals & unfollowers I'm doing only the first 30 RT So RT FAST
@lacecurtains Aug 24 :The saddest thing is that my unfollowers need me the most.
@slutformelanie Aug 23 :Rt for 50 free follows. Free but a follow would be nice ( to me & @deesbeanie ) bc goal and unfollowers #MTVHottest One Direction
@NeckDeepMKD Aug 23 :All the unfollowers are helping me detect the fake nd fans
@lullabyafi Aug 23 :TO ALL MY UNFOLLOWERS! U will follow me again when i get famous and get married with @Luke5SOS DORH
@oppathrust Aug 23 :Dear unfollowers, Take note: I didn't lose a follower, a follower lost me. :---(
@HJE20x Aug 23 :Unfollowers sometimes annoy me like why the hell would you follow me if you gonna unfollow later
@calumscheekstan Aug 22 :to all my unfollowers, what if i suddenly became famous, u'll regret that u unfollowed me. lol U'LL NEVER KNOW #ShesKindaHotVMA
@oliveiranth Aug 20 :to my unfollowers: take me with you
@WINESTAlNEDRESS Aug 20 :someone at minncon better facetime me this weekend and be like "loren look thats chris" and ill be like wow i love my unfollowers
@frugalmaniac Aug 19 :I found 365 Unfollowers using #FerraUnfollow  Follow me. My #FollowBackRate is 99.3%
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