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@expoaparis Nov 12 View translation:Play or download Paris Eiffel Tower Musée Du Louvre  #musee #Paris
@expoaparis Nov 11:Download  #musee #Paris
@bemytigger Nov 3:19:20mus
@Eminemthingz Nov 3:  Eminem plz Em my prop we can have it for 20M Us + mm 5 props 4,9M Us average for my family and my 2 bouncers (:
@RubenRamiroR Oct 29 View translation:@cssabadell @CalvinSBD si els 20M us els deixen a vosaltres, que arregleu carrers, estarieu més contents?
@reseaumemorha Oct 27 View translation:@HFerreol Le Réseau des Musées de la Résistance du Massif Central a réalisé une liste intéressante !( ).
@pkimbelalvarez Oct 22:Truly paradise on earth! Originally listed at $20M US, Navodo Bay will sell at or above only $8.8M… 
@shonaexpat Oct 21:Wood Group secures £20m US contract 
@crowdfundingFRA Oct 10 View translation:nouvelles similaires  #crowdfunding
@mihotep Oct 7:#Vaping would be of huge net #PublicHealth benefit if >20M US #smokers switch even if all other 211M never-smoking adults start using #ecigs
@rob_browett Oct 7:@perrigame you've gotta add them. They'll almost certainly have 20m US $ specially for you.. All for a small payment.. Lol
@trianglman Oct 6:I knew it was crazy, but just not how crazy. About 1/3 of all the guns in the entire world, are owned by 20m US households, 0.3% of the pop
@mrinaldesai Oct 1:“…more than half of all data came from ads” Huge when 20M (US) paid $1B data overage in ’13 (video is in that mix) …
@mcken Sep 17 View translation:Le service locatif à court terme @breather obtient 20M$ US de la boîte de VC de Peter Thiel!
@tripode34 Sep 11 View translation:Por banco riggs, Afps, Isapres, sistema de educación. Por los más de 20M US que robaste... Gato de campo!! #GraciasPinochet hdp!
@BoxingKingdom14 Sep 10:Andre Berto career earnings $20M US. Berto is barely top 100 all time in boxing $. Top UFC earner of all time Bisping @ $5.6M. #boxing #ufc
@freshtimeshop Sep 9:20M/US-EST/ L4 LoL gamers to join me in casual gaming via /r/GamerPals 
@TBackers Aug 28:Schumer: Binghamton U. to get $20M US funding for high-tech: BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) - U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer... 
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