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@radinmas1M Oct 19:I have given out Paper 2&3 for English, Maths will be done on :)
@aqvlah 8 Feb 2014:really hw at  i got 0/4 haissh really ahh..:<
@zhaaaaaf 25 Aug 2013:anyone rmbs ?
@nnhyuko 17 Aug 2013:lol  is now  LOL
@aqxxm 28 Jul 2013:Remember how our math teachers forced us to do  and matt always did p4 questions HAHAHAHAHA #czps
@Javinnnn_ 28 Jul 2013:  #czps worst ah worst.
@impinoocchioo 28 Jul 2013:apparently the new czps kids has  hollla #czps
@yeetengggggg 28 Jul 2013:Still remember I would fight for the first in  #czps
@yeetengggggg 28 Jul 2013:“@shiniehearts: always wanted to top the  hahahaha. #czps”HAHA IKR
@Jielinnnnn_ 28 Jul 2013:asking your friends to help you chiong to top then hao lian around as if you do one. “@jordan10zxc:  #czps”
@jordanlim_19 28 Jul 2013:  #czps
@jaeons 10 Jul 2013:left with eng compre & maths  wHy give me problem sums i alr have enough problems pLs .
@MahirahAHamid 20 Jun 2013:leeer ade  pulak.
@mcrauhlnalds 3 Jun 2013:@RRYYNNAA_ nope. my class have to do  and i havent do.
@_nurhidayah9 6 Apr 2013:Just finish doing my homework at  for E-learning.The questions are so hard....
@MahirahAHamid 6 Apr 2013:wth how can I get 0/5 for . Tried so hard sigh :(
@aunibisyarah_ 5 Apr 2013:need to re-do the  but in worksheet
@MahirahAHamid 2 Apr 2013:doing primary one work on  lol.
@aunibisyarah_ 2 Apr 2013 View translation:cikgu dtg kita semua bukak 
@this_guyse 29 Mar 2013:  @tyijovan
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