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@SryImBusy 14 Nov 2016 :@lanadeIgay @MrPatriarch google IQ distribution of each race.
@woznyjs 21 Dec 2016 :@KaizariWaAzania GDP from IMF (via Google). IQ map from IQ Research …
@fluxmutton 24 Nov 2016 :Those of us WHO WERE EARLY, began the process of warning PPL about things of which YOU know nothing about, except what you Google IQ ™.
@yeolear 17 Nov 2016 :If u r deciding to buy @GioneeIndia, Google IQ level of alia bhatt who is endorsing the brand. M already suffering. Ghatiya Chinese maal
@fluxmutton Dec 31 :As well you Google IQ this, please.
@fluxmutton Jan 4 :Please don't Google IQ ™.
@Ulster_Crusader Jan 1 :@Challengeitnow Yes my cat sat down at my computer and did an online test. I was joking about him but google IQ figures for North Africa.
@MyNameIsGuzse 29 Dec 2016 :@nonofurbiznis45 weird, i thought i tweeted that before. Google "IQ and the wealth of nations", a study that wealth and IQ are symbiotic.
@fluxmutton 28 Dec 2016 :Please don't Google IQ is a survival mechanism.
@SaveAslave 26 Dec 2016 :@Corporatocrazy google IQ of world . Orientals have the highest IQ
@Earldelevingne 26 Dec 2016 :I tried to google IQ test and answered some
@RavenHUWolf 22 Dec 2016 :@RavenHUWolf If you're not sure what psychosurgery means. Feel free to google it - it will go well with your media-google IQ level.
@Redleftred 20 Dec 2016 :@dsm24672 why don't you google iq and left and right wing politics. Even daily mail says ur thick
@MrDavid_Blaine 19 Dec 2016 :@discordoconme se vuoi ti mando la list con le frasi in arabo e fai una ricerca su la propaganda è in aumento
@JoeyA_Incognito 17 Dec 2016 :@shaynalamour1 @JohnRiversX4Here's 1 of hundreds. Google iq heritability by age. …
@t1sh0_ 13 Dec 2016 :2016 Google IQ Preparation …
@cameronbald 1 Dec 2016 :@krokodealer @MeLectable literally all u had to do was google 'iq per race' lol how fucking lazy can u liberals get
@tsuhardday 27 Nov 2016 :Retweeted Kerupuk Pungli (@sudjiwotedjo):IQ Melati: Masa' menteri ngomong info dari Mbah Google. IQ Berbintang:... 
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