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@thecrumb 20 Mar 2014 :Hey kids - #CFEclipse 1.4.6 is out. … Huge kudos to all the folks working on this!
@henrylearn2rock 21 Mar 2014 :wow, @cfeclipse is alive and kicking! …
@denstar 27 Jan 2011 :@cfjedimaster You can use it in CFB right now-- I split it out into it's own plugin:
@cokefloats 22 Mar 2011 :I like the new site! #cfeclipse (which, by now, is probably no longer new.)
@thecrumb 13 Jul 2011 site now happy
@MoreFunz 27 Nov 2015 :  - CFEclipse. The #morefunz page …
@aqlong 16 Dec 2014 :@_neckbeard CFEclipse is an excellent free #ColdFusion IDE that I've been using for years: …
@jarodknoten 23 Oct 2014 :@cfeclipse I'm getting a "connection to  refused" error trying to download from the marketplace. Any ideas?
@CfmlNotifier 20 Mar 2014 :(CFEclipse Blog): CFEclipse 1.4.6 ( )
@Bardnet 24 Feb 2014 : 
@Bardnet 24 Feb 2014 : 
@Bardnet 24 Feb 2014 : 
@cfbloggers 5 Mar 2013 :Wiki / Bug Tracking Moving To GitHub - 
@thefooshshow 20 Aug 2012 :#Aptana #opensource That was so amazing., went to Help->Install NewSW, entered Stable per … *it just worked* #edtech 1/2
@daveymackintosh 13 Mar 2012 :@davejlong Oh lol. Looking at the scarce RSS feed looks like its been abandoned.. …
@daveymackintosh 13 Mar 2012 :@davejlong As far as I know its still being updated, 
@utdream 26 Jan 2012 :How does one create drop-down menu's from within #muracms? My google-fu is failing me! IE: like the ones on 
@MattPayneOrg 10 Sep 2011 :  woo woo #bco11
@thecrumb 13 Jul 2011 site go boom :(
@denstar 15 Feb 2011 :@kriskorsmo Indeed! Just did some work on it too. Still needs some more, but it lives here:(upd sit)
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